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Why you should choose a tanning salon which uses organic products

Why you should choose a tanning salon which uses organic products
May 23, 2017 webspraytanning

Why you should choose a tanning salon which uses organic products

When choosing a tanning salon in Baldivis or anywhere else in Perth, you should consider not only the experience of the technicians but also the quality of the products the salon uses. After all, a spray tan is applied directly to your skin so you need to be comfortable that there are no nasties involved. Today, we’re looking at why a tanning salon which uses organic products is your best bet.


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Nourishes and hydrates Traditional tans can leave the skin feeling tight and dry, meaning you need to spend the next few days moisturising in an attempt to inject some hydration back into your skin. With organic tanning products, your spray tan not only provides a glowing colour but also hydrates the skin and repairs skin cells. The level of hydration and care provided by organic tanning products means less skin irritation, rashes and other issues after the tan is applied. Rather than walking out of the salon feeling a little dried out, you’ll leave feeling hydrated and happy!

Less chemicals and preservatives

Organic tanning products are gentle on the skin because they don’t contain synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives, parabens, alcohol or odour. Traditional tanning solutions can contain some pretty heavy duty chemicals which are harsh on your skin and tend to not be suitable for those with a sensitive skin type. The gentle approach taken by organic tanning products makes them perfect for sensitive skin or anyone who would prefer to steer clear of chemicals.

Low on odour

One of the drawbacks to a fabulous, new tan is the chemical smell which can come with it. A fresh tan can often mean feeling self-conscious about the odour and make you reluctant to show off your glow until the smell fades. With an organic tanning product, they generally have little to no odour due the reduced amount of chemicals. In fact, organic tans are often the opposite and smell delicious thanks to the addition of aromatic ingredients.

Natural, glowing colour

No one wants to walk out of the tanning salon with glaring orange skin. It’s all about a natural, even glow which draws attention for the right reasons. Traditional chemical based tanning products can unfortunately often contribute to the dreaded orange tan but thankfully organic products offer more subtle, brown-based colours. To choose the perfect shade, technician will be able to advise you on the best colour to suit your skin tone and give that perfect summer glow.

For tanning salons near Baldivis who use organic tanning products, look no further than Secret Tanning Co. We use Naked Tan which is a premium, organic product made right here in Australia.Our products nourish and hydrate the skin,as well as providing a gorgeous range of colours without any trace of orange. Speak to one of our experienced technicians for more information about Naked Tan products.

If you’re looking for tanning salons in Baldivis, contact Secret Tanning Co. today on 0419 153 609 and we’d be happy to help.


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