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Spray Tanning Mandurah

From Mandurah to south Perth, we can offer an unrivalled tanning service. Our tanning technician will apply our quality organic tanning solutions in a private room via our supreme spray tan applicator. Our professional and experienced staff can tailor your spray tan to your individual needs. Your tan will develop over a two hour period resulting in a flawless tan that leaves you feeling fabulous.


Our Spray Tanning

You are likely to already be aware that spray tanning is a simple and easy way to achieve a healthy, natural tan. We use a thin mist applicator to apply the solution to your skin, which takes approximately fifteen minutes. We offer a diverse range of shades to tailor your tan to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Our spray tanning solutions contain bronzer, which provides an instant change in your skin colour. Over a two hour period, your tan will continue to develop. During this time, you will need to avoid swimming, showering or any type of strenuous exercise which may cause you to perspire. After the two hour period, you can wash off the tanning bronzer to leave you with a glowing tan that can last on your skin for up to ten days.

You can maximise your tan by showering in lukewarm water. This will help to prevent your tan from washing off, as hot water can cause your new tan to fade significantly. You can also achieve a longer lasting tan with the use of a tan extender and daily moisturising.


Our Product

To achieve your glowing tan, we use Naked Tan. This product is made in Australia using a combination of natural ingredients, with no alcohol or parabens. The formulation is free of chemical odours and includes aloe vera to hydrate and nourish your skin. There is a heavenly aroma of the product due to the vanilla bean and coconut extract. The active ingredient of Naked Tan is organic dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This ingredient is derived from plant sources such as sugarcane and sugar beet and imported from Germany. The DHA is combined with Erythrulose, a botanical natural based keto sugar, which causes an interaction in the outer layer of your skin for a longer lasting, glowing tan.

Naked Tan provides you with a natural looking tan, with a sensational brown shade, rather than the shocking orange offered with some other products. It is quick drying in approximately two minutes, avoiding that tacky, sticky feeling. With the range of gorgeous shades, you can be sure that we can tailor your tan to suit your unique skin type. If you would like further details about our tanning treatments and techniques, please contact us. A member of our team would be happy to discuss any concerns or queries you may have. We would be delighted to help you to achieve a natural, glowing tan.

The New LUX Range – Coming Soon

We are sooo excited to announce that we will soon be stocking the new LUX rage from Naked Tan. These incredible new tanning solutions include a 20 minute RAPID tan (the fasted development time on the market), the water resistant tan and our favorite, the slimming tan! Enquire now about these exciting new tans.


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