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DIY vs. Spray Tan

When contemplating a spray tan, Mandurah tan lovers may consider whether they can do it themselves. With the diverse range of health and beauty products, it is very easy to assume that you can achieve the same look at home. However, this can be a massive mistake.

The Quality of a Professional Spray Tan

Even if you are super bendy and wear double gloves, you will still struggle to obtain the quality of professional spray tanning. There is quite simply nothing to compare to a professional spray tan. We use professional machines along with quality products and this combination along with our experienced staff will ensure your tan is even and flawless.

Trust me once you have tried one of our spray tans you will never go back to foams or tanning creams that leave your hands orange. Additionally, the spray tan is quick drying in approximately two minutes. This means that unlike a DIY tan, you don’t need to worry about being tacky or sticky for hours at home, hovering over your furniture, while you wait for it to develop.

High Quality Formulation

Finally, you need to consider the quality of product available with the best spray tan. Mandurah clients will find that we use Naked Tan. This formulation is made here in Australia using a combination of natural ingredients. The product is free of alcohol and parabens, with aloe vera to hydration and nourishment of the skin. DHA, the active ingredient in the product is organic and derived from plant sources. The DHA and botanical Erythrulose combine to interact with the skin’s outer layer to provide a longer lasting, stunning tan. This is simply unrivalled in DIY tanning products.

If you are still not completely sure about getting a spray tan, Mandurah tan lovers should speak to us. We offer a high quality tanning experience and are available to answer any queries you may have. Contact us today to address any of your concerns or arrange an appointment.

No Tan Lines

Tan lines are the biggest nightmare for every sunlover. Nothing compromises a beautiful, golden tan like lines. Fortunately, a spray tan can be applied to all of your body, leaving you with NO tan lines (something that is pretty hard to achieve when tanning outside). In addition to this, spray tanning is the best way to achieve a natural tan without damaging your skin.


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