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Secrets from the tanning salon – How to make your spray tan last longer

Secrets from the tanning salon – How to make your spray tan last longer
May 23, 2017 webspraytanning

Secrets from the tanning salon – How to make your spray tan last  longer

Whether you go to a tanning salon in Rockingham or anywhere else, you want your tan to look glowing and perfect for as long as possible. After all, there’s nothing more disappointing than finding your tan is starting to fade virtually by the time you step outside. By following a few simple steps,your tan will look fabulous for longer.


Long lasting spray tan

Prep that body

We know. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered prepping for your spray tan but it honestly makes such a big difference to the life of your tan. In the couple of days leading up to your spray tan, focus on exfoliating and moisturizing. Exfoliating will clear your skin of dead skin cells so your tan goes on evenly and moisturizing will ensure a smooth canvas. Remember to avoid moisturizing on the actual day of your tan.

Skip the shower

Don’t be tempted to jump in the shower as soon as you get home. Give your tan time to settle in check with your technician how long you should avoid water as some products need longer than others. When you do shower after your spray tan, don’t blast yourself with hot water. Stick with lukewarm water and pat dry rather than rubbing with the towel. You should also avoid vigorous exercise straight after your tan as the sweat can also impact on your tan.

Keep your skin hydrated

If you’ve put the work in to keep your skin hydrated in the lead up to getting your spray tan, don’t neglect your skin afterwards. A good moisturizer can go a long way to keeping your tan glowing and gorgeous so slather on the moisture on a daily basis. Go with a water based moisturizer as oil based products can strip the colour and make you blotchy.

Invest in a gradual tanner

No matter how carefully to maintain your tan, it’s going to eventually start to fade and a gradual tanning product is a good way to maintain some colour between appointments. When you notice that a couple of areas are starting to look a bit blotchy, you can start to use your gradual tanning product until you get the effect you want. This not only evens you out but also means you loo bronzed for longer.

As a tanning salon servicing Rockingham, WA, and anywhere else between South Perth and Mandurah, Secret Tanning Co. know what it takes to give you a glowing, long-lasting tan. We use the highest quality, organic spray tanning product which leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and beautifully bronzed. Our experienced technicians can also give you advice on how to make your tan look amazing for longer.

For the best tanning salons in Rockingham, speak to one of the team at Secret Tanning Co. today on 0419 153 609 or fill in our easy online booking request form.

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