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Frequently Asked Questions

When first visiting a tanning salon, Mandurah clients are often a little nervous about the treatment options. However, here we aim to put you at ease. We will explore some of the questions our team is frequently asked, so you can have all the information you need to relax and enjoy your new glowing tan.

What are the benefits of a spray tan?

Other than it being effortless and quick a spray tan can be applied to all of your body, leaving you with NO tan lines (something that is pretty hard to achieve when tanning outside). In addition to this, spray tanning is the best way to achieve a natural tan without damaging your skin.

I apply my own tan at home. What is better about a spray tan?

Nothing compares to a professional spay tan. We use professional machines along with quality products and this combination along with our experienced staff will ensure your tan is even and flawless. Trust me once you have tried one of our spray tans you will never go back to foams or tanning creams that leave your hands orange.

Do I Need to Prepare for a Spray Tan?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked when clients first come to our tanning salon. Clients need to be aware that you can enhance your new tan and ensure an even result with a little preparation. In the days prior to your spray tan, you should exfoliate and moisturise your skin. You should also ensure that ensure all waxing and shaving is done 24 hours prior you tan. On the day of your tan ensure your skin is clean and dry. Do not use any deodorant, perfume or moisturiser on your skin as this may cause discolouration of your tan.

What Should I Wear?

When you arrange to visit the tanning salon, Clients will need to ensure they have some loose fitting dark clothes that can be put on after the tan has been applied. Tight clothes including bras can affect the evenness of your tan as it can result in the tan rubbing off in areas.

What Happens After the Tan?

Stay cool and dry until it comes time to shower. This is a great excuse to get the hubby to do the dishes ;). Do not exercise and do not get any water on you. The aftercare below will guide you through what needs to be done next to ensure a flawless tan.

After your spray tan application at the tanning salon, Clients should wait at least 2 hours before taking a shower. When showering, make sure the water is lukewarm as the hot water can break down the spray tanning solution resulting in your tan washing off. When showering don’t worry if you see colour washing off from you. This is just the bronzer washing off and will only happen the first time you shower after the spray tan has been applied. When towelling off pat yourself dry. Do not rub after your first shower and this could also affect the evenness of your tan.
– Moisturiser can be applied after your first shower, and we recommend that you moisturise daily especially after showering as this will help to maintain your spray tan and help to ensure it fades evenly. For best results use a water based moisturise. Oil based moisturisers can strip your colour and cause your tan to become blotchy.
– Apply sunscreen when in the sun. Although you looked tanned, your skin will still be vulnerable to burning.
– Avoid soaking in baths, spas or having hot showers. As mentioned above hot water can break down your spray tan causing it to fade quicker.
– To get the most out of your tan and have it looking its best for days on end we recommend using Naked Tan’s gradual tanner. This deep moisturising cream contains DHA which will top up your tan each time you use it. This can be purchased from Secret Tanning Co on your next visit.

How long does a spray tan take?

Your tailored spray tan will be applied to your skin in about 15 minutes. After this time your tan will then need to develop for at least two hours before you can shower.

If I have a specific event coming up, how long before the event should I have my spray tan done?

We recommend having your spray tan one or two days before your event depending on what you are wearing on the day of your event. For example, we suggest that brides have their spray tan two days prior to their big day to ensure that the tan will not rub off on their dress. However, since the development for our tanning product is only two hours, it may be possible for a same day visit to our tanning salon. Clients should check with us if they are unsure about getting their tan done before a special event.


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